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On May 21st, 2015, the LGBT community and its friends and allies will once again come together for National Give Out Day, a 24-hour period in which you have a chance to make a significant contribution to the world of activism as art by supporting Lavender Light Gospel Choir.

But…why wait?

Schedule a tax-deductible donation to Lavender Light today and help us get a head start on our goal of raising $3,000.

It is an ambitious goal but so are Lavender Light's plans for the upcoming season and beyond.

As we mark our 30th Anniversary (yes, 30 years!!!), we are excited to be embarking on a new musical journey, in which our overarching message will be to raise awareness on issues of equality on all levels…social-economic, race, gender equality and marriage equality.

Part of this journey, will involve collaborations with other non-profit organizations in an effort to reach wider audiences; a commitment to keeping ticket prices to our concerts affordable; and having the ability to offer scholarships to chorus members, to help pay their dues in times of hardship, so that they can keep the power of music in their lives

In order to do all these things - we need your help.

Schedule a donation today, so that Lavender Light may continue to build bridges of respect and understanding through music, as we spread the message that it is time for Equality, Now!

Music has the power to change the world, and so do you!

Click the Lavender Light logo below to make your scheduled donation today! We appreciate your support. Please share this message with a friend.